30. ISO Congress 23. - 29. 9. 2018

Ljubljana (SLO) / Murau (A) / Udine (I)

… a journey to where three countries meet, Slovenia, Austria and Italy – three Nations, three cultures, three languages, three organ building traditions, three organ workshops.


The ISO-Congress starts in Ljubljana, the “Venice” of Slovenia. In Ljubljana we will see the choir organs (Covlere 1707 und Janeček 1739) and the main organ (Milavec 1912) in the Cathedral and the organ in the Ursulinen church (Goršič 1891). Nearby Ljubljana, we will visit the workshop of the organ builder Močnik in Cerklje and then the organ he built (2007) in Velesovo.

Via Klagenfurt where we visit the Marienorgel (Rieger 2016) and the main organ (Mathis 1986) in the cathedral we get to Maria Saal (Jäger 1736). The small town of Murau has six churches (13th to the 17th century) with organs in them (for instance Greß 1776 and Vonbank 2004). Here we will visit the Vonbank organ workshop.

With the narrow-gauge Murtal railway we will travel to the pilgrimage church St. Leonhard in Tamsweg (Dummel 1838/39) and on to Udine via Zedlitzdorf (Elias Pratzer 1759). Here the cathedral organ of Udine (18th century), the organs of San Giorgo and Valvasone (Vincenzo Colombi 1535) are worth seeing and hearing! In Codroipo we will visit the workshop of the organ builder Zanin.

We will experience three culinary traditions, three traditions in folk music, three landscapes, three cities and much more.


Subject to change